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The RFC 5114 saga

Back in January I posed a question "to the Internet": What the heck is RFC 5114? It looks like a lot happened since then around it. I would like to use this post to recollect some of the stuff around RFC5114 . Chapter 0: October 2007 RFC5114 draft was submitted to the IETF . Chapter I: January 2016 In short RFC5114 is an IETF Informational RTC that " describes eight Diffie-Hellman groups that can be used in conjunction with IETF protocols to provide security for Internet communications. " . One of the thing about this RTC that attracted the attention of many (and also mine) is that violates the Nothing up my sleeve principle. The other peculiar thing about this RTC (that caught my attention) was that the P s specified for groups 22/23/24 were not safe primes but were indeed DSA primes adapted to Diffie Hellman. So far so good. Except that all the p-1 specified for those groups factored in a really nice way! So I decided to intensify a bit my r