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OAuth 2 and Apache Amber (incubating) released

Short story   Apache Amber 0.22-incubating released! See also: and Little more Despite the earthquake that hit "OAuth 2 world" the Amber team is proud to announce the first release of Apache Amber ( Apache Amber 0.22-incubating ).  The people that followed the project since the beginning know that has been a kind long journey due some legal issue that slowed down the release.  I am really keen to see Amber used and improved in the near future. I can see at the horizon some Open Id Connect and UMA integration and obviously to be fully compliant with the last version of the spec (version 31?). From the other hand I am kind of sad to see the lead editor leaving the specification. Specially the first post is definitely an interesting rant to read with a lot of valid points and considering who is the author cannot be ignored. I think only time will t