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SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry 2019 - Isogenies mini-symposium

So here we are in the nice city of Bern, in the Teutonic Switzerland, for SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry 2019 that this year counts more than 750 attendees! The weather is warm enough but the isogenies topic has never been so hot! So for this occurrence of the conference Tanja Lange , Chloe Martindale and Lorenz Panny managed to organise a really great isogenies mini-symposium spread over 4 days. Day #1 Day #1 started strong, after a quick overview of isogenies by Chloe Martindale and Lorenz Panny including  an introduction to SIDH and CSIDH the invited speakers took the stage: Daniel J. Bernstein spoke about one of his recent paper (joint work with Tanja Lange , Chloe Martindale and Lorenz Panny ) where they study quantum evaluation of isogenies with a particular focus on CSIDH - . In the initial part of his talk  he introduced the hidden-shift problem in its isogeny version  and the Kuperberg algorithm. Thomas Decru ha

On Isogenies Verifiable Delay Functions (VDF)

This continues the post from part 1 . In the previous post we discussed about Verifiable Delay Functions . Here is a quick summary of what we discussed in the first part: We covered the definition of  Verifiable Delay Functions (VDF). We have seen a short history of how this idea slowly developed. We hinted the existence of some constructions. We described some application with an eye on the blockchain World. In this post we will switch gear and we will focus on a particular construction: the isogenies VDF (a construction defined by Luca De Feo , Simon Masson , Christophe Petit and myself ). We try to keep the description as easy as possible simplifying many things, without trying not to worry too much about mathematical rigor (that risks to become mathematical rigor mortis :)), so mathematicians out there I beg your pardon! . Isoge WHAT?   Isogeny based cryptography is last baby in the (cryptography) family .   Below you can see a short history of isogeny based cryp