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Facebook vulnerability #1.5

Update (to follow all the story see the comments below) @Tom point taken on board (see the new post title :))... I got a lot of hypothesis about the xxxxxx part but no real solution just yet.. i hope to restore the title to 2.0 though Apologies for all the people that thought chunck 2 was already being "discovered" if discoverable, my mistake not being enough clear. Still working on it though! :) So, stay tuned!! Orignal article Here we go again... I have been playing, at this point, for a while with Facebook's security as you can see here and here . Not too seriously though, also because, as who knows me well knows, that I am far away to be a security expert. I tend to observe though, and do a bunch of questions to myself . Sometimes I am able to find an answer as in the case of this post. You might be aware of the new features of Facebook: Reply to this email to comment on this status . Sean from F-Secure discover that anyone can use the Reply To address